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Knowledge Base Article:IMW82 

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Date Range invalid, starting at 00/00/0000.

Article created: Sep 24 2002, updated: Apr 19 2007

Background:  Bad dates inadvertently get entered into an Intersection Magic database and can not be recognized by the program. IMW can not do a search of a 00/00/0000 date, because the date is invalid ("bad date").

Status:  Limitation - with workaround(s)
Keywords:  bad date,invalid date
Categories:   *Errors / crashes* *Data* *Data entry*

When using the IMW Editor, case id's can be stored under invalid dates. For example, the date 00/00/0000 is entered for a case id. This can occur by starting to enter a record, giving it a case id, then deciding to leave the program (dates automatically show as 00/00/0000 when starting to enter a record). At this point the case id is already saved in the database, even if no further information has been entered.

If you have the Case IDs that need to be researched go to Utilities\Database\IMWEdit\Load and enter the Case ID. If there is no data for this record go to Accident\DeleteAccidentRecord. If there is data that needs to be retained, simply change the date to the correct one. Repeat this step for each record with the date 00/00/0000.

If you do not know the Case IDs you must follow the instructions below. A search cannot be done in IMW since 00/00/0000 is considered an invalid date. Therefore a few steps must be taken to find and delete these incorrect files.

1)Go into local hard drive and locate the following file *\magic\pdeditor.exe. Run this program.

2)Go to IMW\Raw DB output\ShowData. Locate the cityACC.DAT file used in IMW. Select o.k.

3)"Dump all street records?" = NO
"Dump all crashes records?" = YES
"Dump all cross streets records?" = NO

4)An Edit\Find may be performed to locate all entries with the invalid date you are researching (00/00/0000 in this case). Write down the case number for each record found. Once all files are located you may skip to instruction #8. If you are finding a lot of records, you may sort the list by following the instructions starting w/ #5 below.

5)Once the text file is created go to File\LaunchasCSV.

6)Highlight the date column and go to Data\Sort\Expand the selection\Sort\Descending\OK

7)Write down all the case numbers that correspond to the 00/00/0000 dates.

8)Go back into IMW and to Utilities\Database\IMWEdit\Load. Enter a case number, and it will load that record.

9)Once the record is open select Accident\DeleteAccidentRecord. Repeat this step for each record with the date 00/00/0000.
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