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Installing Map Magic into all versions of ArcMap 10.x

Article created: Nov 07 2012, updated: Jul 07 2015

Background:  This article describes the process of installing Map Magic for Crash Magic into ArcMap v10.x

Status:  Info - "how to" article
Keywords:  EsriAddIn,PlugIn,components,ArcGIS,ArcView
Categories:   *Installation and setup* *Errors / crashes* *Related software*

ArcMap v10x utilizes an "add-in" architecture that is essentially self-installing. As of Map Magic v2.0.1, the same add-in works for all versions of ArcMap. After installation, the add-in needs to be configured, either by importing settings, or entering them manually.

Steps to install Map Magic:

  1. Download or otherwise obtain the Add-In and its settings, if available.
    1. Navigate to ( This site requires you to login. Contact Pd' Programming if you do not have an account onour system)
    2. Locate the "Utilities and Add-Ins" section of the downloads page. Select the MapMagicForArcMap10.esrAddin file and download it. Remember where you choose to save this file.
    3. Locate the "Crash Magic Hosted" or "Crash Magic Online" section on the downloads page. Select the most recent MapMagicSettings.xml and download it.Remember where you choose to save this file.
  2. Preserve your existing Map Magic settings, if installed. (proceed to the next section if not):
    1. Click on the Map Magic settings button to open the settings dialog.
    2. On the "Common" tab, locate the "Export settings" button and select it.
    3. Choose a folder andfilename, such as MapMagicSettings.xml. Be sure to remember the folder you place this file in.
  3. Uninstall any existing Map Magic add-ins. (important)
    1. Open ArcMap if it is not already open. It does not matter what project is open, if any.
    2. Select the Customize menu and then the Add-In Manager option.
    3. Identify any existing MapMagic Add-In. Select the add-in by clicking on it and then use the "Delete this Add-In" button. Often there will be multiple instances of the Add-In. Repeat selection and deleting until there are no MapMagic Add-Ins remaining.
    4. Close ArcMap.
  4. Install the new Map Magic Add-In
    1. Locate theMapMagicForArcMap10.esriAddin that you downloaded earlier.
    2. Double click on this file to run it. This will open the"Esri ArcGIS Add-In Installation Utility" dialog.
    3. Note the version of Map Magic and assure it theone intend to install.
    4. Select the Install Add-Inbutton. "Installation Succeeded" will be displayed and the dialog will close.
  5. Open ArcMap and load or enter the settings
    1. Launch ArcMap.
    2. Locate the 3 Map Magic buttons in the toolbar.
    3. If the buttons are notvisible, select Customize / Add-In Manager / Customize. Scroll to Pd' Map Magic and make sure it is checked.
    4. Click the Map Magic settings button to open the settings dialog
    5. Click the "Import Settings" button and select the MapMagicSettings.xml file that you downloaded earlier.
    6. Verify that the Crash Magic base URL is correct by clicking the "Launch" button. The Crash Magic login form should be displayed.
Map Magic is now installed and ready for testing.
April 25, 2019 8:14AM

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