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Map Magic settings for ArcMap 10

Article created: May 11 2011, updated: Aug 12 2011

Background:  There is a new version of Map Magic to work with ArcMap 10. This article covers the settings to work with Crash Magic Online.

Status:  Info - "how to" article
Keywords:  Settings,ArcMap,10,GIS,ESRI
Categories:   *Installation and setup* *Configuration*


Pd' Programming has released a new version of Map Magic for ArcMap 10 with some new features. ESRI has released ArcMap 10, and changes to this new release means that previous versions of Map Magic will not work with the new version. The new features to Map Magic means that you will not be able to import your settings from previous Map Magic versions. This article is to help you configure the new version of Map Magic once it is installed into ArcMap 10.

Once configured the settings can be exported and then imported into other installations of Map Magic running the same version.

This article assumes that you have installed Map Magic, and that all three tool buttons are visible.


This initial setup of a single system should be performed by a user or users that are familiar with Crash Magic, the collision data, and the GIS data. Once the setup has been completed your Map Magic plug-in will be able to communicate with Crash Magic, and the settings can be exported to other Map Magic installations.

The settings for Map Magic involves five tasks. The first task is to set common items like the location of the Crash Magic server. The next task is to enter the URL parameters for the XY rectangle selection tool button. Then set the parameters for the selection tool button. Once all of the setting have been updated save the changes. Testing the parameters is the last step to ensure the settings are correct.

Set the common parameters

The first item is to tell Map Magic were to find Crash Magic Online.

  1. Click the settings button for Map Magic
  2. Ensure that the Common tab is selected
  3. Enter the URL or the Server name of the Crash Magic Online web site
  4. Click the Launch! button to test(A successful test will open the browser to the Crash Magic Online login page)

Map Magic can be set to create a default diagram, chart or listing. The default report for Crash Magic will need to be set

  1. Ensure that the settings window is open for Map Magic and the common tab is selected
  2. Click the Default report type drop down and select the default report(Most users select diagram)

Set XY Rectangle parameters

The XY Rectangle button in Map Magic allows users to draw a rectangle over an area to generate a report in Crash Magic. To accomplish this Map Magic passes the X and Y coordinate information, and the date range to Crash Magic using URL parameters. Crash Magic will then query the crash database using the information passed.

Please, note for this study to work correctly the GIS layers in ArcMap must match the coordinate system used by the crash data. Users should consult with their GIS expert to ensure the coordinate systems match.

  1. Ensure that the settings window is open for Map Magic and select the XY Rectangle tab
  2. Click the Sample values button to populate the URL parameters template and the Report name field(These fields must be completely empty when clicking the Sample values button. Returns and blank spaces will cause the message "Please clear all fields on this page to set sample text)
  3. Adjust the parameters to match your configuration  

Many users will not need to change any of the parameters. Most that do will only need to change the name of the query used by the XY rectangle study. Crash Magic configurations can have several XY rectangle queries. This parameter defaults to &query=XYRect. The name of this parameter will need to be changed to the name of an XY rectangle query.

Here is how to see the available XY rectangle queries available to your configuration in Crash Magic.

  1. Log into the analysis side of Crash Magic
  2. Click on the XY study button
  3. Click the Query drop down menu to see the names of the queries for your XY rectangle study

Once you have determined the query to use the parameter can be change. For example &query=XYRect can be changed to &query=XYRectMagicAuto would cause Map Magic to use the query named XYRectMagicAuto.

Set the Selection parameters

The selection button allows users to select crashes in ArcMap and send the crash ids of the selected crashes to Crash Magic for reporting.

  1. Ensure that the settings window is open for Map Magic and select the Selection tab
  2. Click the Sample values button to populate the URL parameters
  3. In the Crash data layer name drop down box select the GIS layer that contains the collision records
  4. In the Unique Number field 1 drop down box select the field containing crash ids that will be passed to Crash Magic

Save the settings once all the parameters have been entered

Click the Save button to save all of the settings when done with the previous steps.

Test the buttons to ensure the correct response

Once the settings have been completed the buttons should be tested to ensure the parameters have been set correctly to produce the desired reports in Crash Magic. Once the settings tested correctly they can be exported to other users.

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