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Knowledge Base Article:CMO243 

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Sending a Crash Magic Online user group file to Pd' Programming

Article created: Apr 08 2011, updated: Oct 04 2011

Background:  In supporting Crash Magic Online Pd' Programming may need to get a copy of your user group.

Status:  Info - "how to" article
Keywords:  configuration,export,sending,upload,user,group,xml
Categories:   *Installation and setup* *Configuration*


Crash Magic Online user group contains information that maps client data to the Crash Magic program, and information on how items are displayed to each user. This article describes how to export the user group and upload it to the PdMagic web site.


There are two steps to sending your user group to Pd' Programming. The first is to export a copy of the user group to a local computer. The next is to upload the file to our web site.

Export the user group:

  1. Log into Crash Magic as the Group Admin
  2. Click on your user group in the admin tree( Your name should contain your state abbreviation followed by the @ and then the name of your municipality or company Example: CO@PdProgramming)
  3. Once you have selected your user group, click on the "Open the Export Wizard" button( This button at the bottom of the screen with a green arrow pointing down on a paper)
  4. Click on the Export the current user group link
  5. Check all of the check boxes("Include project, study and report attributes", "Include project, study and report records" and "Sort output by UG/U/PSRattr and UG/U/P/S/R" should be checked)
  6. Click the Export users button
  7. Save the XML file to a location that you can acces
  8. Click the Done button to return to the Crash Magic admin screen

Sending the user group file to Pd' Programming:

  1. Go to our web site
  2. Click on the Login link near the bottom left corner of the page
  3. On the login screen enter your user name, password and click the login button to enter the site
  4. Once logged in click on the Upload Files link under the Quick Links section on the right side of the page
  5. Click the top Browse button and locate the file that you exported in the previous section
  6. Enter CMO user group and the version of Crash Magic Online that you exported the file from - Example(CMO user group 2.13.64)
  7. Click the Upload button to complete the process

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