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Knowledge Base Article:CMO236 

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Adding GIS files for Crash Magic Online data entry.

Article created: Dec 22 2010, updated: Dec 22 2010

Background:  Client GIS maps are not shipped with Crash Magic Online. Users wishing use their GIS map will need to add this information to the server running Crash Magic Online. This article describes where these files should be placed.

Status:  Info - "how to" article
Keywords:  GIS,map,data,entry,nodes
Categories:   *Installation and setup* *Configuration*


Clients that have purchased data entry with a gis map will need to add the GIS data to the Crash Magic Online server for users. When defined the Crash Magic Online data entry application can display a GIS map to assist in data entry. Each user downloads a copy when data entry is first openned. This map then resides on a local directory to prevent the user from having to download the map each time.

For the GIS map to be displayed in data entry it must be placed in the correct location on the Crash Magic Online server. This article documents where the GIS files must be kept.


The default directory for GIS maps the (Crash Magic Online install directory)\Sys\Files\Maps\(User group). If Crash Magic Online is installed on the C drive of a server and used by the CO@MagicCity user group. Then the GIS map would need to be placed in the following directory:

C:\Program Files\PdMagic\CrashMagicOnline\Sys\Files\Maps\CO@MagicCity

Caution should be used when editing any files. Data entry is based on the data provided by these files. Changing the GIS files will not update the crash records that were entered using previous GIS files. 

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