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Moving Crash Magic database servers

Article created: Jul 29 2010, updated: May 05 2011

Background:  Maintenance will sometimes facilitate moving Crash Magic database to another server. This article is to help IT departments understand what needs to be done to move the Crash Magic database servers.

Status:  Info - "how to" article
Keywords:  database,connection,move,change
Categories:   *Installation and setup* *Configuration* *Article - references*


Crash Magic uses at least two database connections to operate. A connection to the Crash Magic system tables, and a connection to the collision data. Other connections may be needed depending on the functionality that you have installed. Crash Magic was designed to connect to a database for traffic engineers to analyze their collision data. When the database is moved to a different server, the connections must be updated for Crash Magic to run correctly.

This article assumes Crash Magic is functioning correctly and is moving to an exact copy of the database that is currently in use. Clients upgrading their database software should consult their database documentation for any backwards compatibility issues. Crash Magic attempts to use standard SQL database functionality to be compatible with future database versions. Contact Pd' Programming if there are questions on this issue.

This article covers what needs to be done to point Crash Magic to a new database server. It does not cover moving to a different database software provider. Please, contact Pd' Programming if you need to explore this issue.


Crash Magic uses ADO connection strings to inform the program of the database connection. This allows the program to switch quickly between database that are exactly the same. Exactly the same includes logins, privileges and/or roles used by Crash Magic Online. Click Here for information on database logins.

Determine the Crash Magic system tables:

  1. On the server running Crash Magic run the Crash Magic configuration editor( Start/Programs/PdMagic/Crash Magic Online configuration)
  2. Click on your configuration name in the left of the window of the configuration editor
  3. Click the SYS Database tab

The SYS Connection settings area in the Crash Magic configuration editor defines the ADO connection to the database of system tables. Changing the connection string will change where Crash Magic looks to access the system tables. Pd' Programming recommends that Crash Magic system tables be located on the same instance as the collision data(Some studies require that Crash Magic be able to join the CID system table with the collision data). 

Crash Magic contains many queries to retrieve data for analysis. Each query is assigned a Crash Magic connection that provides the database and login information for the query to use. These queries are located in the Group Admin section of Crash Magic under the user group configuration(.shared user for the group).

Determine the configuration data connections:

All database connections are defined in the .shared user for the group in the connections section of the admin tree. This instructions cover the common two connections, but more connections may be required depending on the configuration.

  1. Log into the Crash Magic web site as the Group Admin
  2. In the admin tree on the left, click on the plus sign (+) next to the .shared user under the user group that your are currently logged into 
  3. Under the .shared user, click the plus sign (+) next to the connection name in the admin tree
  4. Click on the Default name to view details on the default connection
  5. Users with the Data Entry module should click on the DataEntry name to see information on the data entry login

All configuration connections are defined under the User Group/.shared/connections. Each object listed in the admin tree under connections is a connection to a database. The default connection is the standard connection that Crash Magic will use to select data from the database and read lookup tables. The ADO connection string stored in the connection object points queries using the connection to the correct database.

DataEntry is the standard connection defined for users with the Data Entry module. This connection is used to read the lookup tables, insert, updated and delete crash records in the Data Entry module.

Changing the connection string for a connection will change the database that Crash Magic looks to for a connection. Users can click on the green settings tab while logged in as group admin on a connection, and change the connection string to point to a new database.

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