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Preparing your data for a Crash Magic configuration

Article created: Apr 03 2008, updated: Feb 02 2009

Background:  Crash Magic configurations are created to map the fields and values from your collision database to objects in Crash Magic. For this reason it is important to have access to your database or an accurate example of the structure and expected values in your data.

Status:  Info - "how to" article
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Categories:   *Configuration* *Data*


There are generally two ways for a Crash Magic configuration to be created: Through a VPN connection, or a backup copy of your collision database.

  • VPN:  Virtual Private Network. This allows Pd' Programming to establish an encrypted connection to your network and collision database.
  • Backup of the collision database: This is a copy of your database. With SQL server these are .BAK files, and with Oracle they are .DMP files.


Users providing VPN access for creating their configurations will need to provide  the following:

  • VPN software used(If other than Microsoft)
  • Connection information
  • Logins 
  • Passwords

Users that are providing back copies of their collision database that are less than 500MB can upload their data directly to Pd' Programming on our web site. Just click on the Login Link in the lower left coner of our web site, and login. Once logged in you will see a upload link on the right side of the web page. Clicking on this link will provide you with a page that allows the user to select up to four file to send to Pd' Programming.

If your database is larger than 500MB contact us, and we can make arrangements for FTP or send you a flash drive.

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