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Knowledge Base Article:CMO194 

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Can not leave the Raw XML tab when a group admin while running under IIS

Article created: Nov 01 2007, updated: Dec 08 2008

Background:  Crash Magic will appear to be stuck on the Raw XML tab, or your browser may display the error "Cannot display the webpage".

Status:  Limitation - with workaround(s)
Keywords:  rawxml,xml,raw,IIS,stuck,leave,exit
Categories:   *Installation and setup* *Errors / crashes* *Article - references*


The Raw XML tab is used by Pd' Programming to edit the raw XML of an object. Users running under IIS are limited to less than 64K when posting back to the Crash Magic server.  In some cases the XML data for an object may be larger that 64K, and IIS will prevent the data from being posted back to Crash Magic. The user will appear to be stuck on the Raw XML page.


Avoid entering the Raw XML tabs for objects unless directed by Pd' Programming. Any changes made to the XML can potentially harm a configuration, and prevent users for accessing crash data objects.

If a user has clicked on Raw XML tab by mistake, and they can not leave the tab. The user should close their web browser, Open a new web browser, log back into Crash Magic and check the box to close their prior session.

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