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Knowledge Base Article:CMO183 

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Setting up case Id studies for Crash Magic.

Article created: Nov 28 2006, updated: Feb 02 2009

Background:  Crash Magic requires the sql statement for a case id study to be able to join to the *CID table.

Status:  Info - functionality description
Keywords:  join,sql,caseid,case,id,cid,system,tables
Categories:   *Installation and setup* *Data* *Article - references*

The Crash Magic case id study requires the ability to join the system tables with the clients crash tables. The users *CID table stores a list of case ids from a user post. Crash Magic will then use a query to join to the *CID table, and retrive the appropriate records. 


MS SQL Server syntax options for joining to the *CID system table :

  • The DBA can grant read access of the *CID table to the crash data reader. Then the CIDStudy query can use the DATABASE.OWNER.TABLE notation.
  • The DBA can create a view for the *CID table and then grant read access to the crash data reader on the view of the *CID table. The query for Crash Magic could then use the DATABASE..VIEW notation in the CIDStudy query.


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