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Knowledge Base Article:MM123 

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Getting Map Magic and ArcView GIS working together.

Article created: Jun 18 2003, updated: Jun 19 2003

Background:  To illustrate the steps necessary to allow Map Magic to communicate with ArcView GIS

Status:  Info - "how to" article
Keywords:  map magic,arcview,extension
Categories:   *Mapping*

This article lists the steps necessary to get the Map Magic extension loaded into ArcView GIS.

  1. Start ArcView GIS.
  2. Open your map project.
  3. Go to File / Extensions.
  4. Check the box for Map Magic, then o.k. If "Map Magic" is not present in the extension list, re-install Intersection Magic and be sure to select the Arc/View extension for installation.
  5. You should now see a series of seven buttons in the top left corner of the toolbar. They all have a magenta line at the bottom. These are the tools/buttons for the Map Magic extension.
  6. To make sure they are working properly, select the far left button on the top row (it is the letter "c" in a circle). If this brings up the copyright window, you have Map Magic correctly linked to ArcView GIS.
  7. Save the project. Make sure you know the exact spelling and path name for the project and the view, as this is needed in Intersection Magic (the spelling is case sensitive).

      Once you have Map Magic and ArcView GIS working together, proceed to this article to create pin maps.
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