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Knowledge Base Article:MM120 

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Requirements for Map Magic

Article created: Mar 05 2003, updated: Jun 19 2003

Background:  In order for Map Magic to work properly, certain requirements must be met in ArcView GIS first.

Status:  Info - functionality description
Keywords:  requirements,map magic,pin maps,geocoded,ArcView,GIS,centerline
Categories:   *Mapping*

Unless the following files/programs are present, Map Magic will not work.

Requirements for Map Magic:
  • A working version of ArcView GIS 3.x
  • Must have a streets centerline map containing the following files:
  • Map needs to be geocodable. Meaning: has from/to addresses for every street segment.
    At the bottom of the article " Getting your map tested and working in ArcView GIS" there are steps for testing the geocoding of your map.

      To get your map working in ArcView GIS, please read the article from this link.
June 18, 2019 5:18PM

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