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Knowledge Base Article:IMW118 

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How to set up centralized registration for network installs.

Article created: Feb 26 2003, updated: Sep 28 2004

Background:  When a network install is done where version updates are automatically updated on end-user machines, the registration key can be set-up for auto updating as well.

Status:  Info - "how to" article
Keywords:  key,upgrades,registration,auto,updates,
Categories:   *Installation and setup* *Networking*

Some jurisdictions opt to have Intersection Magic installed where end-users' versions are updated automatically when the server is updated. When an upgrade is done at a later time, the key changes and end-users are required to change the key on their local machine. To allow for an updated key change to end-users, a certain file must be created, "reginfo.ini".

Automating key updates to end-users:
  • Go to the magic directory on the server.
  • Create a file "reginfo.ini".
  • The following information should be in this file:

    Program=C:\MAGIC\IMW.EXE This should be the location on the server for IMW.EXE
    RegisteredTo=Your jurisdiction name
    InstallDate=05/22/2003 Enter the date installed
    LastConfig=C:\MAGIC\DATA This should be the location of the configuration files
    Key=Your key for the version installed
    Module-MapMagic=Your key for the version installed; if applicable

  • Save the file (in the network magic directory).
  • Make sure each end user has the "Use centralized registration data" selected in the registration box (Help\Register Intersection Magic)
  • Each time you do an upgrade, you must go the "reginfo.ini" file and change the key(s), and they should automatically update on each end-users' machine.

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