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Knowledge Base Article:IMW106 

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Program can't find ODBCINST.DLL

Article created: Dec 06 2002, updated: Aug 16 2004

Background:  Intersection Magic requires ODBCINST.DLL to be present in order to function properly. In most cases, this dll is installed with Windows. We've found that in some cases, it is not. We are providing it here in case it is needed in your installation.

Status:  Bug - with workaround
Categories:   *Installation and setup* *Errors / crashes*

ODBCINST.DLL is used when Intersection Magic communicates with the ODBC service on your computer. Some Windows installations include this file, while others don't. Intersection Magic's installer doesn't check for this critical file and therefore the program my not run after installation.

Download the ODBCINST.DLL file and place it in your Intersection Magic program directory.

Click here to download the self-extracting zip. On network installations, be sure to change the default unzip directory from c:\magic to your proper directory. (i.e. the one that contains imw.exe)

Note:Some Windows administrators may prefer to place this file in the \WINDOWS\SYSTEM directory. This is fine. We recommend the MAGIC directory (where IMW.EXE is located) because, well, if you opted not to install it when Windows was installed, perhaps it is not meant to be accessible to all applications.
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