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Intersection Magic Pricing 

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Pd' Programming's Intersection Magic for Windows pricing is for a site license. This means that it may be installed on as many computers as desired, within one physical building. It may also be installed on a local area network.

In order to make the software available to jurisdictions of all sizes, the cost is discounted based on the population of the purchasing jurisdiction. We also offer a discount for educational institutions. The table below shows the available discounts:

Intersection Magic Prices:

(Please note that these prices do not include a custom configuration as described below)

City population:


Over 300,000


100,001 - 300,000


50,001 - 100,000


Under 50,000


Educational (your data)


Educational (sample data)


County & State DOTs as
well as statewide license requests:

Please call for a quote

Intersection Magic Configuration:

In order for the program to properly read and interpret your data, a configuration must be prepared. This configuration tells the program about the data format it will be importing, the fields and possible values of those fields, how to represent the data graphically, and specifics about where to place the accidents in the various diagram schematics.

While this configuration can be prepared using the information contained in the manual, we strongly suggest that you allow us to create your configuration for you. We've spent the past 15 years preparing configurations for Intersection Magic. The cost for a complete configuration is $1000.

Map Magic Prices:

For which GIS:


ESRI's Arcview


Map Info (available soon)


Educational version:

An educational version of Intersection Magic, which is pre-configured to use a sample data set, is available to qualified institutions for a minimal cost. These same institutions may purchase a normal copy of the program for the discounted price shown in the above table.


Consulting engineers should contact Pd' Programming directly for special pricing.

Pd' Programming is an authorized ESRI developer and reseller.

This means that we can provide you with ArcView GIS and data to go with it.






Map info





Arcview City Map
(geocoded base map)


Map info files (.MIF)
(available soon)


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