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Technical Support 

Product information Support Downloads (& demos)

Crash Magic Online Technical support resources:

HTML Product manual
This is the current version of the product manual in html format
PDF Product manual (~6M)
This is the current version of the product manual in Adobe Acrobat format
This is a searchable database of information, bug fixes, tips, ideas, and all the issues that we've encountered. This is the best place to start looking for help that you can't find in the manual.
Group forum
Pd' Programming uses an online forum server as an efficient means of supporting our users and enabling our users to support each other.

Individual technical support information:

Crash Magic Online telephone technical support is available 10-6 Monday thru Friday MST
However, we can usually give you a much more thorough (and printable) answer in our newsgroups, knowledge base, or by e-mail. We respond to electronic requests as soon as we receive them, often even on weekends.
It also saves everyone a lot of time, which for us translates into new Crash Magic features!
Give it a try!

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